The APH Anon Meme is now on Dreamwidth!




Do you like Hetalia? Discussions? Roleplaying? The cool, awesome, and sometimes really weird things that are posted on this blog?

The APH Anon Meme has made its official move from Livejournal to Dreamwidth, a magical website where you can actually view new comments without having to be logged in, where there aren’t constant errors, and where you don’t live in constant fear of comments being eaten by a terrifying goat!

APH Anon Meme… on Dreamwidth!

WE’RE LOOKING FOR RPERS!!! And we’re in general, a really active little commmunity for people who are looking for a place to discuss and make friends! It’s really easy to rp on Dreamwidth, so come, make an account, and check us out!

Leave headcanon in my askbox and if i like it i’ll draw it

No limit. Admin’s bored at school and dry on ideas

rootinteuton-deactivated2014052 whispered: Reasons My Son is Crying feat. Germania and Prussia: "I wouldn't let him sleep with the chickens"


I remembered/realized I co-mod this blog and should advertise it here if anyone is interested in it. I’ll be reviving it and queuing up some stuff slowly.

((whoops askbox is now open!))