Leave headcanon in my askbox and if i like it i’ll draw it

No limit. Admin’s bored at school and dry on ideas

rootinteuton whispered: Reasons My Son is Crying feat. Germania and Prussia: "I wouldn't let him sleep with the chickens"


I remembered/realized I co-mod this blog and should advertise it here if anyone is interested in it. I’ll be reviving it and queuing up some stuff slowly.

((whoops askbox is now open!))

But tumblr resizes images images and they’re hard to read…so you cannn click here for full view or just zoom in a lot lol gomen

Anonymous whispered: The images in post 21983689242, A guide to Germania's Children, are broke! ;A; Is it possible to fix them?

((OH MY GOD ARE THEY REALLY I’m scared to even look.



hold on Ill reblog it when i finish it I’M SO UPSET. I dont have the orginal files i’ll have to cut it up from DA AUGH))